‘Je Suis Le Monde’


Co-authored by Kilike Steyn

Last week, in “Je Suis Turkey,” I reflected on Western concerns for white, Western Christians but the lack of Western concern for olive- skinned, Turkish Muslims. I attributed our lack of concern to our very natural but equally lamentable bigotry. The next day, suicide bombers murdered 35 people in Brussels. White, Western, Christians from Iggy Azalea to the Boston Red Sox immediately tweeted their concern for Brussels and its innocent victims.

How to be a Christian terrorist

 Suppose we concede that we have an irrational policy given that most attacks against the US have been by Muslims (or at least nominal Muslims).

It’s not clear, however, that we should make such a concession. Were all of the attackers Muslims in more than name? Here’s another way of putting it: did their Muslim beliefs motivate them or was it some other, say political, belief?

The Munich terrorists, for example, self-identified as Palestinians, not Muslims; their motivation was political not religious. I won’t belabor the point. Any time there is violence committed by an Arab, the West usually labels the perpetrator, “Muslim terrorist.” Socio-political considerations simply fall by the wayside.